The Nursing Theory Of The Nursing Theorist Madeleine Leininger

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Nursing Theorist Madeleine Leininger Madeleine Leininger’s groundbreaking work in the field of cultural care transformed the nursing profession and laid groundwork in the deliverance of care that holds true today. Leininger was zealous in her pursuit to deliver care that would be effective and not compromise one’s belief system. Leininger’s theory promoted change in nursing practice by rationalizing an individualized care system. By caring, she brought about optimal healing in a culturally diverse world. The conception of caring was acquired early in her nursing career (Leininger, 1991). As it became, evidently, clear that care and its’ deliverance to an unknown knowledge based on culture, Leininger began to explore and identify nursing’s …show more content…
Diversity alluded the nurse’s comprehension that was essential as a gap theory in provision of patient care in optimizing health and wellness. In a progressive effort of congruent and cohesive care, sensitivity to culture must evolve and take shape. A relationship must develop and grow at an intimate level, to derive at overall success in optimal health and wellness. A Survey of her patients helped to derive a pivotal theme in her conceptualized care (George, 2002). The standard practices in the 1950’s brought insight and began a new paradigm that linked nursing care christened transcultural nursing (George, 2002). Madeleine Leininger was a living legend. Her academic career consisted of countless authored/edited books and published articles. Academically, she influence thousands of nursing students and even taught outside her discipline. Her theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality alongside her Sunrise Model is her legacy to the world (Leininger and McFarland, 2006). This paper will expand upon Madeleine Leininger’s life, her works and how the critical examination of culture influences a patient’s life in providing the best health care …show more content…
The Sunrise Enabler illustrates Leininger’s theory. It aides to ascertain cultural awareness. It’s representative of promise to new beginnings of the nursing practice.
The model shows factors such as (1) technological, (2) religious and philosophical, (3) kinship and social, (4) cultural values and life ways, (5) political and legal, (6) economic, and (7) educational, forming sunrays that influence individuals, families, and groups in health and illness (Leininger and McFarland, 2006, p. 356) According to Leininger (1991), different variables are set in common configuration factors and are learned. Studies are universal and non distinctive from a multi-dimensional approach. The model plays an intricate factor in assessment and care plan of a diverse people. Transcultural nursing has been a guided force in the field of nursing, research, and practice in this century. It stands as a domineering factor to be proven as an even greater potential as the theory continues to be a commanding force in health care that takes us through the third millennium (Leininger and McFarland, 2006).
Nursing Metaparadigm All nursing theories have some component of the nursing paradigm. Although Leininger did not believe in the standard nursing metaparadigm, she revised the following components to meet higher standards of

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