The Number 23 By Walter Sparrow Essays

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The movie “the Number 23”, is a chilling movie surrounded around the life of a man named Walter Sparrow. Walter Sparrow throughout the movie displays symptoms of what one might first see as a personality disorder, but in actuality he suffered from memory loss which came from the result of attempted suicide. Walter Sparrow is fighting with his own mind and throughout the movie there are certain things that trigger his thoughts to come back. Walter Sparrow in the movie starts out as an animal catcher who is bitten by a stray dog. With this event happening his wife fins the time to buy a book called “the Number 23”. While reading the book, Walter begins to see some of what might be some similarities in his life occurring in the book. The book tells the life story of a man named Fingerling who happens to be a police officer. Fingerling meets a woman who is cursed by the obsession of the number 23 and eventually jumps to her death because of it. After reading this, in his mind Walter now believes that he is fingerling. He becomes obsessed with the number the number 23 and believs that everything in his life is reducing down to the number 23. Walter soon begins having dreams of himself acting out scenes from the book and tries to go to a professional for help, but they think he’s just crazy. Walter, while reading the book begins to imagine his wife as Fingerling’s girlfriend because in the book Fingerling counts his girlfriend’s shoes and she has 23, and Walter counts his wife’s…

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