The Nuclear Family Essay

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The Nuclear Family
Family in its most simplistic form is defined as; “a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household” (Oxford dictionary). In terms of the nuclear family (the typical family with a mother, a father and a few children), this definition fits perfectly. Unfortunately, times have changed and the nuclear family is no longer the ideal. The modern family is continuously changing and now, there is a greater diversity of people which makes for a greater diversity of families - same sex couples, single-parents, stepfamilies, and etcetera. An anthropologist may say that “Kinship is an emic, culturally constructed concept” and is a “basic social, economic and political building block” (Gambold, 2014). In relation to the anthropological view, I personally believe that family is those that you cherish most in life – it does not depend on relation or the roof one lives under, that family or kinship is more so built by society than blood.
Scoffield’s article explains how the nuclear family has diversified itself and brought new definitions to ‘family.’ While there has been a decrease in the amount of nuclear families, there has been a steady increase since 2006 in the amount of same sex families (42.4 per cent increase), single parent families (8 per cent increase), families with no kids (44.5 per cent of all families in Canada), and stepfamilies (Scoffield 2012). While this seemingly is a variety of ‘family facts’, Scoffield also interviews…

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