The North West Rebellion Essay

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The North-West Rebellion in 1885 is best seen as the sad aftermath of a clash between The Canadian Government with the Metis people, Louis Riel and the Indigenous people of Saskatchewan. It represented the brave and courageous attempts made by the Metis, the Bands that covered Saskatchewan and Louis Riel to rebel against the Canadian government. As they saw, the basis of their economy shattered in the 1870s, and then watched in the 1880s as the new relationship with the Dominion of Canada, which they had negotiated in the 1870s called Treaty 6 failed to provide them with the relief, and assistance on which they had counted. They watched as Ottawa deliberately and systematically violated its treaty promises in order to forcefully convince the Indians into adopting the government’s plans for settlement rather than following their own.( Miller, 2000: 226) Led by Louis riel, the metis participated in a rebellion in which some of the Indian nations joined creating The North-West Rebellion in Saskatchewan in 1885. This paper shall look at the causes that lead Louis Riel, the Métis and Indigenous tribes to rebel against the Canadian government such as the Red River Rebellion and violation of Treaty 6, The united tensions from the Metis, the white settlers, and the Band of natives that made up Saskatchewan and Louis Riel’s bold actions.
Firstly, in order to understand why the Métis Rebellion happened we have to look back to the Red River Rebellion of 1869–1870. The 1869–70 uprising…

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