What Role Did Religion Play In The American Revolution

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Playing both Sides
Religion played a significant role in the history of the United States. The issue affected both the American and british side of the war. Till this day many the role religion played during the revolution seemed to still be up for debate among many. Historians have different opinions about what role religion played, some believe that the role that religion played an crucial part in the revolution and some seem to think the role of religion wasn’t so important. Religion offered a moral sanction for opposition to the British Crown, Many American’s believed that revolution was justified in the sight of God.
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This quote from Ezra Stiles Projects the Future of Christianity in America illustrated the American’s understand that they were the chosen one. The revolution would see to it that the state rise to its truest potential, thrive and nurture under the provisioning of God .and his blessings. Religion gave the people a sense of confidence. When we look forward and see this country increased to forty or fifty millions, while we see all the religious sets increased into respectable bodies, we shall doubtless find the united body of the Congressional, consociated, and Presbyterian churches making an equal figure with any two of them...(Major problems pg 338). Americans saw the colonies as a “New Israel” and that this firm belief in their covenant with God as his “chosen people” prompted them to perceive the revolutionary struggle as a holy war against a sinful, corrupt Britain…(Perry Miller). The American Revolution itself was praised by some ministers from the pulpit as God's vehicle for bringing the people in America into the promised

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