The North By Gregory Nava And Maria Full Of Grace By Joshua Marston

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Compare and Contrast the Ways in which Attitudes Towards Immigrants are Exposed in "The North" by Gregory Nava and "María Full of Grace" by Joshua Marston
The goal of this essay will be to investigate the context of immigration through the US borders by examining two films i.e. The North by Gregory Nava and Maria Full of Grace by Joshua Marston. This is due to the increase in anti-immigration rhetoric that is depicted by media outlets today. Interestingly, most individuals admit that their constructs of immigration issues stems from what the media presents to them. Public opinion on immigration issues greatly influences immigration legislation in a country. Juan F. Perea posited that what the general public believes or is made to believe directly
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This classification of individuals into groupings and the branding of entire races or countries as undesirable will help illuminate a light on the issues that The North and Maria Full of Grace try to communicate to its audience. With this background lets evaluate the current status of US borders as depicted in the Airport scenes of Maria Full of Grace and The journey of Rosa to the promised land in The North.
The North by Gregory Nova
The Guatemalan military was set on a path to destroy the Mayan-Indians through a scorched earth policy. This was in response to a growing militancy among the people of the Mayan speaking regions. This event was the setting for The North which portrayed a brother and sister who were determined to cross the border from Guatemala to the Promised Land in the north.
The first hour and a half of the film is communicated in Spanish and Mayan languages with English subtitles. This helps communicate the gruesome violence that Rosa and Enrique family encounters in their home country and helps maintain a realistic nature of the events and situation that other Guatemalans went through. The communication in their native language helps the audience immerse themselves in their world so that the American audience can understand the culture of the protagonists in the
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Before she left Colombia she was instructed to on how to conduct herself so as to not raise suspicion. The audience at this stage is exposed to the notions of how Americans view other races of nationals from countries that are not branded as desirable. The airport officer closely scrutinises Maria’s appearance and thereafter escorts her to the interrogation room. Border control officers scrutinize passengers without any clear regulations but through the power of observation and the relative system of individuation can be well illustrated by the films airport scene. The vagueness of US regulations on the inspection of aliens leaves it open to the interpretation of the airport officer to determine the legality or illegality of inspections. This makes many people susceptible to cultural stereotyping by the border officers (Newman 164). This raises the question of why Maria was stopped and no other drug mules. This performance mimics the reality in many of our airports today as it did not show clearly why she was stopped. Most can conclude that the attention to Maria’s appearance by the airport officer was a determining

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