The North American History Essay

1983 Words Dec 8th, 2016 8 Pages
This is what I wanted to learn from the class and I will talk about the North American history. And I will be talking about what happened. The people that live in North American they had their way with food. And the reason why I said that is because they would hunt their own food. And they had and they had their own side of the land where they would go hunt there food. And in the south west they humans depend on smaller animals. They would have to hunt fish you know small animals. And they would eat off of small animals.
And back in the day they didn’t have cars they had to ride horses, camels, and that’s how they would get around. And the thing about the south west it would be hard to fine food because there would be in the deserted looking for food that’s why they would look for small things to eat like I said fish. Because that’s all they could eat and find and all they could drink was water. And sometimes they would hunt for deer if they’re lucky but most of the time they would have to eat fish because that’s what they could find the must so it would be easy for that hunters to fie there food. And the American species like camel and horses that’s what they would have to go and hunt there food. The side food they would grow was corn and squash. That’s what they would grow has they would grow they would remove the seeds and they would replant them that’s how they would get there corn and squash. So north American’s will have groups to put food on the table. They have…

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