The North American Free Trade Agreement Essay

1906 Words Dec 7th, 2016 8 Pages
Modernize and Not Renegotiate or Eradicate NAFTA
Everyone has their own opinion on everything, and there will never be anything absolutely everyone can agree on. Nonetheless, there is always a point in the middle of conflict where different points of view can be satisfied at the same time. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is a great example of something that the masses of people tend to have different opinions about. I believe that in order to have an accurate opinion about something, it is necessary to study and analyze the subject before sharing our opinions with others. Not everybody takes the time to investigate what NAFTA is and how it affects the economy of this country and the economy of our neighbor countries, Canada and Mexico. Most people only base their opinions on unreliable sources and prefer to ignore other people’s opinions on the issue. These people tend to dislike NAFTA because of two different reasons: Americans that disagree with NAFTA policies believe that the agreement has taken thousands of jobs from US citizens and relocated them in Mexico, while Mexicans that disagree with NAFTA believe that the agreement has brought the worst consequences of globalization to their country. Both opinions, equally comprehensible, are mostly based on unreliable sources and not on personal experience. Although a lot of people disagree with NAFTA, there is still a huge portion…

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