The No Child Left Behind Act Essay

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An overabundance of energy, lack of concentration, restlessness, and forgetfulness all sound like a child on a normal day. For the ADHD child these behaviors are troublesome when they are unmanageable and impede the day to day activities children must execute whether at home or in a classroom setting (CDC, 2015). In addition, data shows that “ADHD can interfere with a child’s ability to perform in school, do homework, and abide by the rules “(AACAP, 2013). The need for an equal opportunity for children to achieve academic success needed to be –updated from a previous Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 and The No Child Left Behind Act was put into effect in 2002(U.S. Department of Education, 2002).The overwhelming results of The No Child Left Behind Act, in some aspects accomplished the total opposite. Law makers along with educators are in agreement that NCLB does not work. The amount of standardized testing has become the main focus of teaching and “NCLB has failed to provide the resources to ensure that every student had the opportunity to learn and excel"(Walker, 2015). A complete reorganization of the NCLB is currently in process. The regulations brought about an emphasis on test taking, hindered proper classroom instruction, and contributed to less time for one on one instruction.
Over the past ten years the number of federally-mandated standardized tests has risen from 6 to 14. The accountability system based solely on test scores has contributed to the…

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