The No Child Left Behind Act, And I Will Control The State Essay

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Common Core
“Let me control the textbooks, and I will control the state.” (Adolf Hitler) Common Core States Standard Initiative is a nationally known program created to set standards for the education systems. It is evident that the United States needs a solution to the education decline, but is Common Core that solution? Do the benefits outweigh the disadvantages or vice versa? These debated questions have been flaring up across the country. Looking deeper into Common Core, one must investigate where it came from, why it is needed, and how it affects society. Common Core is a relatively new program that flourished during two main time periods. First, the No Child Left Behind Act, a education reform law during the Bush-era, launched school improvements in the areas of accountability, flexibility, and choice. Those three areas planted the seed of Common Core States Standards Initiative. Meanwhile, the Obama administration hooked states in with the “Race to the Top” grant competition which gave extra points to states who adopted “standards common to a significant number of states”. At that point in time, however, Common Core was the only standard available, resulting in an influx of states adopting its policy. Common Core initially could claim to be “not federally created, but state created”, but since Obama’s education push, federal strings closely intertwined. Since 2009, Common Core has been the biggest educational shift in the history of the United States having forty-two…

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