Essay about The Night - Original Writing

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As darkness loomed overhead, Kayte hastily traveled through the forest, never more than a few feet from the road. Her curly blond hair flowed down to her shoulders as she went along, while her expressive hazel eyes gazed out from the center of her attractive face. She was a small creature, barely 5.4 in height and stature. Simply clad in a leather travel outfit, she hurried through the rain, as the sky continued to darken. She shivered at the thought of spending the night in these woods. Not that it was really a problem for her, but there were stories about these forests. They were old, and it was that magical time of year, when summer was passing and fall approaching. As she hiked through the ancient woodlands, she reflected on how far she had traveled this past month. Truly she felt, it was time to head north again, back to Skyrim, her homeland.

“Don’t worry boy.. we’ll be there soon.” She heard a voice coming from down the road. In a frenzied panic, she dashed into the bushes and soaking wet leaves. Slowly the rhythmic sound of hooves came closer to her. As the lone rider galloped down the dark road, Kayte wondered how far it was to the next town. She decided to risk asking him; but to ensure her own safety, she reached into her satchel, and pulled out a very special elixir. She had… liberated it from its former owner. It could be very useful to her.

“Umm hello!” she hollered, waving her hand in towards the rider, who quickly came to a stop. Lifting his crimson hood, he…

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