Essay on The Night - Original Writing

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We were out of the mountains by midday and just got past the village that lay at the foothills of the mountains. The winding hills sloped and swirled around us. Prairie dogs scurried across the land and the wind brushed the short grass making the green sea look animated. When they saw the carriage they stopped and watched as we passed them. The carriage shook as the wooden wheels rocked over the small pebbles that made up the road. I never tore my eyes from my window as I watched the world I grew up knowing fade from my sight. The conversation with Severus from a few hours ago was still fresh in my mind, and, from what I could tell it was still fresh in Severus’s mind too.

“I wish to be called Rage at Hogwarts,” I told Severus.

“And your reasoning?” he looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

“My uncle might be a git to me but he was right about one thing,” I looked at him in the eye. “I need to stay hidden and using names such as Dracula can get me in use trouble,” he nodded in agreement. “However my reasons are different from my uncles. My reasons are to protect myself from other people and to take away any chance of the Vampire Council having to interfere with the Wizarding World,” he nodded again.

“How do you expect to remain hidden all year? Your eyes, claws, and fangs will give you away. I know you can hide them when you are of a sound mind but what happens if you lose your temper?” He was right I do have unruly temper.

“I guess I will have to learn how to control my…

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