Essay about The Night Blooming Flowers By The Lilies

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The fragrance emitted by the lilies filled the air. The night blooming jasmine on the arbour opened their buds slowly releasing their scent. The cuckoo birds returned to their perch on the arbour. The setting sun cast a warm, orange glow across the village. The scene would have transported anyone to seventh heaven; especially, a poet or a painter. Lamps were turned on at all the homes.
Radha watched the evening scene through a window in her home. She didn 't feel joy. She felt as if the setting Sun scorched her love sick heart. The fragrance emitted by the Jasmine irritated her. As if to block the scent, she started to shut the windows. Her heart heaved in her bosom as she moved through the house closing the windows. She reached the front veranda. The cows had started to return home. She stood still for a few minutes. The cowherds were nowhere to be seen amongst the cows. They would come later after the five hundred thousand cattle reached home. She looked behind her to see if her parents were nearby. Her father was busy preparing for the evening prayers and her mother was in the kitchen. She felt relieved. Today might be the day for her to see Him.
She opened the door stealthily and slowly stepped out lest her ankle bracelets should ring. She was about to step on the threshold when she saw a shadowy figure lurking behind the tamarind tree. She peered hard at the figure. Could it be that her parents anticipated her move and were waiting to catch her? Twilight had set in…

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