The Night And Shirley Wachtel 's My Mother 's Shoes Essay example

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Ellie Weisel’s novel The Night and Shirley Wachtel’s In My Mother’s Shoes are as much similar as they are different. Both novels narrate the details of those who were forced to live in the concentration camps for years. In My Mother’s Shoes is told from Holocaust survivor, Blima, and her daughter, Shirley, and switches from each of them throughout the novel. Although In My Mother’s Shoes is told from two view points it can be viewed as three because Betty is Blima’s American name and only recounts her American life while as Betty it only details her European life.TN is only told from one person’s point of view, Eliezer, detailing things leading up to the Holocaust till right after it is over. Both novels depicts how the societies each lived in did not take the threat of the Nazis as seriously as it should have been. The prisoners were all living in horrid conditions for both sexes in all possible aspects all the way from food to hygiene. Protagonist in Night, Eliezer, family was taken to live in the ghetto with other Jewish people of the community before they are taken off to live in between different concentration camps until the war is over. Blima in In My Mother’s Shoes story of entering her first concentration camp was quite different and much more reckless. One day while she was snatched off of the streets by the gestapos for her mother to watch in despair. Eliezer has his father to lean on while Blima is put in the camps with no family, although she later on finds…

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