The New York Times Article Review Essay

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The New York Times article contains the drastically increased of suicides occurring in America from both genders and all age groups within 30 years difference. The article provides research and a graph that contribute of supporting the high suicide rates. Julie Phillips, a professor of sociology at Rutgers suggest that it is because of social changes. He further describes that divorce has also at a high and less people are getting married, this shows a correlation that can be looked upon as to why middle aged men and women are committing suicide. Tavernise went through much research as to put the decrease in weapons such as guns used for suicide has declined ,because there 's easier and cheaper forms. The article didn 't add any solution to help decrease the suicides, but instead said that there is no way the police can control it. There few hospitals with enough funding to run good programs to help people who have suicidal thought or are severely depressed. The health care system has yet to figure out effective treatments for patients in need for easier access to seek help. Thus the lack of health departments and awareness to suicide also has contributed to the rising numbers.The article ended with a surprising statistics that elderly males are the highest suicide rate out of all the age groups. I’m surprised because if they’re the highest suicide rate , than why is it never covered in the media outlet.

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