The New World : The Western Hemisphere Of The Earth Essay

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The New World was known to be the Western hemisphere of the Earth. The New World consisted of the 13 British colonies. Colonists did not have much freedom, if any at all, before coming to the New World. The New World was said to provide the colonists with freedom and many opportunities (Voices of Freedom, Foner). There are at least five different conditions that brought colonists into the world that revolved around freedom. Freedom for the colonists included having religious freedom. Religious worship was one of the main pull factors of coming to the New World for the colonists. The colonists were finally able to practice the religion that they truly believed in. There were five main religious groups which included: Pilgrims, Puritans, Catholics, Christians, and Jews. “The Quakers believed in equality of all people and said that the spirit of God dwelled in all people” (Penn, 46). Colonists who came to the New World and believed in Christianity had an advantage over the other religions though. “Even though the colonists had religious freedom, there was one restriction, only Christians were limited to officeholding” (Penn 46). The second condition that brought the colonists to the New World was lower taxes. “Nathaniel Bacon called for a reduction in taxes and was widely supported, even though his manifesto failed, frightened authorities agreed to lower taxes” (48). Lower taxes provided the colonists with more opportunities. The colonists were actually able to buy and…

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