Essay about The New Testament And Old Testament

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Almost like everything in life every single thing has a beginning followed with an ending. Just like human creation itself, a baby is born, it grows up, grows old, and later is followed by death and then hopefully eternal life. The Bible is a perfect example of a piece of literature that comes with a start from somewhere as well as followed by an end. The Bible as we know it comes with two parts: a New Testament and Old Testament, but we are going to focus in on the New Testament. How was it created or how was it formed? Who is responsible for writing it? We can prove through archaeology that what took place in the New Testament that it is indeed true and realistic. Although the New Testament is not as quite as long as the Old Testament, it only holds 27 books and it states Jesus’s story and what Christian’s should except during the last days on Earth. As stated in “How the New Testament Canon was Formed”, “The New Testament was not dropped from heaven. The New Testament was not delivered by an angel. The New Testament was not found nor delivered” (2). The New Testament developed over years and years of time. “Many believe that the New Testament writings were agreed upon at the Council of Nicaea” (9). The New Testament was not created by just one single individual, but by the works of many. “It is proven that the New Testament was developed over the course of the first 200-300 years of Christian history” (10). “The New Testament comes from the fact that we can follow its…

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