Essay on The New Sustainable Development Goals

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In September 2016 the United Nations General Assembly held its 71st anniversary in New York when the heads of states delivered their speech on the current global issues. This year’s theme was focused on the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) initiated in 2015 which included seventeen significant goals to be reached by 2030 in order to push transforming the world!
However, this year’s agenda was also overshadowed by other crises such as overflow of immigration from the Middle East, Syrian Crises or the Islamic State presence in the Middle East or the prolonged unresolved crises between Israel and Palestine.
Though, inside the Middle East the prospect for a sustainable future can seem far beyond reaching mainly among the OPEC members who are the key producers or exporters of the oil. Iran has recently signed a nuclear agreement in 2015 yet is struggling to get back on its feet in the global economy. Iran’s nuclear deal prevents the country to enrich uranium for fifteen years in the Fordo site and reduce its nuclear stockpile in the same period of time. Iraq has its hand full with ISIS and possible Kurdish groups uprising however pushing for higher production of oil. Saudi Arabia is being accused of crushing OPEC and seeking governance of oil prices while having its own plan ahead so called “Vision 2030”.
Hence looking at the seventeen SDGs criteria some of which focus on clean energy, sustainability, consumption, climate action and life on water or land with the Middle…

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