The New Jim Crow, By Michelle Alexander Essay

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In Michelle Alexander’s book The New Jim Crow she argues the point of the new caste system in the United Sates has resulted in many people becoming incarcerated and then confined to a second-class status. In Chapter 2, Alexander’s focuses on the War on Drugs and how many are incarcerated, especially people of color. Furthermore, once they are released they are not free instead, they are discriminated against in the legal sense for the rest of their lives. Brought up again the Chapter 4, where it mentions how upon release the caste system operates in a certain way where ex-offenders are unable to reintegrate into society and the current economy. She argues “that the shame and stigma of the “prison label” is, in many respects, more damaging to the African American community than the shame and stigma associated with Jim Crow” (Alexander 17). Then followed in Chapter 5 there are similarities between Jim Crow and mass incarceration such as how those incarcerated are discriminated against legally. Therefore, Alexander makes valid points on how war on drugs can be the primary cause for mass incarceration and that there is a disproportion of those who are locked up as well as the status of second class is given to ex-offenders, however the shame and stigma that come with prison label has a more damaging effect to African Americans than the stigma and shame that was associated with Jim Crow. Alexander states that War on drugs has seemed to be a primary cause for mass…

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