The New Ideas Of Minorities Essay

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However Karl Kautsky explains that “progress is only possible through new ideas which at the outset are put forward by minorities [and] the suppression of the new ideas of minorities in the Party would only cause harm to the proletarian class struggle, and an obstacle to the development of the proletariat” (Kautsky 92). If America is putting down movements of equality and supporting the inequality of minorities then the gap between rich and poor will only widen and the class structure will become more divided. Our own liberal ideas of liberty and equality no longer stand because so many Americans reject the idea of giving this freedom to non- americans and suppress minorities. This in turn results in violence because “Relatively deprived groups are likely to seek redress, and if not possible they may resort to war. Relatively privileged groups may also be motivated to fight to protect their privileges against attack from relatively deprived groups” (Stewart). This is why liberalism cannot thrive or spread because even major supporters of it, like the United States, will eventually succumb to their material needs and the division among classes will increase so large that it will result in violence and animalistic characteristics.
The constant increase in industrialism is another major indicator of society turning away from individualism and freedom and turning more towards fulfilling material needs. Industrialism brings alienation where the worker loses their individuality…

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