The Negative Implications Of Texting, Reading, Grammar And Writing Skills

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Over the years, smart phones have become more and more popular. These technology advancements have significantly changed the way we communicate. Most children have a cell phone and are constantly dependent on using it and text messaging. And out of all the children that own a smart phone, every single one of them know the shortcuts to writing and text lingo that may look like a foreign language to other generations who did not grow up with a smart phone in their hand. This foreign language to others brings up an important issue on whether or not texting has a negative impact on reading, grammar and writing skills. The sources that I used in my research conclude that there is a negative correlation between text messaging and overall literacy. …show more content…
Another study was done in order to prove this theory correct. Many linguists believe that the use of abbreviation and using improper grammar in short text messages such as not using correct punctuation or not capitalizing the first letter of your sentence, is actually causing negative impacts on students grammar and literacy. The goal of this study was to compare good and poor readers on their amount of usage of mobile phones, kind of mobile phone and the speed at which they could read messages in ‘text lingo’ compared to correct grammatical english. 10 and 11 year olds completed two writing tests and a reading test. The results showed that, the poor readers with lower scores were the students that spent more time on their phones per day. This article was written by J.E.L Coe and J.V Oakhill from the school of psychology, at The University of Sussex in Brighton, UK. It was published in the Journal of Computer and Assisted Learning. The article was reliable and useful. It was a peer edited article. There was pictures and charts of the studies and results that were also very helpful to my research. This article was especially useful in helping me with my project because it showed a different age group than the rest of the articles that I had looked at. One of the biggest concerns about text messaging and literacy skills is aimed towards younger children and generations so it was interesting to see a study done on children as young as 10 and 11 year

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