Essay On Feminism

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In today’s society, feminism has acquired a negative connotation. Many argue that the very idea of feminism is unnecessary as women already have the same rights as men according to the United States constitution. However, this belief fails to genuinely understand the authentic fight for women’s rights. Feminism is the advocacy of equal rights and opportunities for women in political, economic, and social spheres. Although it may seem obvious that each human being on this earth should be treated equally, this discrimination against women exists due to the idea that women are subordinate under men. This notion of patriarchy is evident in the case of Jane and Joe, where Joe refuses to take down an exposed picture of Jane from the internet. In …show more content…
Jane, however, was not free at the party because she didn’t exactly have the choice to refuse. Double standards, imposed by society, constantly judge women for either being too loose or too frigid. If Jane had refused to take her top off with the other women, the people at the party would have shamed her for being uptight and boring. On the other hand, when Jane took off her top, she pleased the male crowd with her lewd image. This leaves women, in general, to comply with the stereotypical actions that society expects from them. In addition, while Jane was intoxicated, she was encouraged by several men to do something she was not comfortable with. With several other women participating in the sexual activities, she probably wanted to fit into the crowd and fell victim to peer pressure. Joe also makes the argument that he was also free to record Jane and the other topless women at the party. However, Joe’s freedom can be restricted due to the harm principle because of his degradation of women. On his online website, Joe captions the image of Jane and others as “UT Party Girls”. He gives the illusion that the women in the picture, and women in general, are objects of entertainment. With this label, Joe emphasizes the idea that women are socially placed lower than

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