The Negative Effects Of Technology's Dependency On Technology

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It’s the future and you see everyone with a type of technology around them. We see holograms, flying cars, and everyone in the same type of clothing. This is usually seen in movies and books, but are we already living in that vision of the future? The technology everyone has are from phones to computers, but it seems people depend on it more than usual. People have screens that can give an answer in mere minutes and communication doesn’t happen face to face that often. In this generation, everyone seems to have a dependency on technology as we look for entertainment on our phones and computers. Technology has sprung to make life much easier and smarter, but too much can lead to technology dependency as a problem. When people use technology in a classroom, they see it as a helpful opportunity to make learning easier and faster. It’s like the scene in Arthur where the character Brain, as a teacher, plugs in a disc and …show more content…
People are getting new technology that helps them in every way from their cell phones giving them all they need, but that shows dependency for entertainment. Even though technology has become part of everyone 's life, there are things that can and can 't be done with technology. The learning aspect of where students take notes, but with laptops can lead to over taking notes that isn 't relevant to the subject. Communication where someone wants an immediate response instead of waiting on a call or text. Of course there are distance problems, but that 's when technology is at its best. If technology was to keep on advancing and everyone was to become one with technology, it would look a lot like the Movie, Wall-E. In the movie, everyone is lounging on their chair; not worrying about what they look like or where they 're at. It puts a scene where technology has everyone mesmerize with what it can

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