The Negative Effects Of Technology: Technology And Social Interactions

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Technology and Social Interactions Technology is starting to revolutionize every aspect of life from the smallest of ways to the largest ways. With this comes changes in how we are socializing and communicating with those closest to us and with businesses. From checking in early to appointments all the way to sending your order to a restaurant before arriving, we are experiencing a technological revolution. But, what are these increases of technology use doing to our social aspects of life? The increasing use of technology in daily life is driving our social aspects into the dumps and ruining relationships between family, friends, and social interactions with strangers. Social media is affecting families because it is distracting parents …show more content…
One of the main benefits of media is that it can be used as an ice-breaker. It can help you get to know what this person is like before you have meet them. Studies have shown that, “twenty-nine percent [of people] said they felt less shy when interacting with people they were connected with on social media” (Kituku). Social media also opens up people to a whole new world of friendships because of the amount of social media use in today’s society. There are new connections made daily that can range from the same city, to all the way across the world. These new friendships and connections are actually helping people of all ages with the mental illness of depression. As said by Dr. Tim Anstiss, “ Online chat, discussion and support provides many other benefits to depressed people – feelings of connectedness, not being judged, and reassurance that things can and do get better over time” (Anstiss). Talking without having to look at someone has some strong benefits, but overall the effects that are negative are much more prevalent in our society. Without strong connections in a face-to-face communication, mental illnesses might not really be resolved. Also, the strong connections and feeling less shy talking to someone over social media, only benefits people when talking through social media. In face-to-face communication, there will still be the underlying issues that seem to fade through social media

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