Film Analysis: The Internship

In the movie, The Internship, two men, Billy McMahon and Nick Campell, lose their job due to the workplace becoming a technology driven field and they are left to find a new way of making ends meet, they decide to take an internship at, Google, to help kick start their new lives. While at Google the two men are paired with a group on young adults who are fighting for a position at Google as well, through working with this group the two men come to realize just how much has changed since their college days. They discover how important the digital world and how the work place has changed, one of the many topics explored in this film included teenagers/young adults and their lives online.
The character, Stuart, is often seen with his phone attached
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This is also displayed by the character Stuart, while the team in communicating he is often starring into his phone with no interest in the present world. At one point Billy even tells him to look up at the world and that it is much bigger than his four inch screen. Then there is the character, Neha, who has also lived a bit of her life online. She admits to the two men that she has experiences just about everything online, from images, to text, audio and video, she had seen it all. She has seen it all but never actually “seen” anything, her online world has held her back from having real life …show more content…
Common Sense Media conducted a study where they asked teenagers about how social media made them feel, one in five responded that social media has boosted their confidence and only four percent of those questioned reported that social media has negatively impacted their self-confidence. (Wallace) Not only is it boosting self-confidence but productivity in the work place as well. A 2010 study of the ICT (which is the computer/email/internet/cell phone) displayed that frequent usage of ICT produced a better work place. The ICT usage allows you to work from almost anywhere as well as connect with who you need to, when you need to, it was reported that productivity was up 83% (Casey) This was present in the film as the group constantly used online resources in order to complete

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