The Negative Effects Of Peer Pressure

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Psychology is the center of the personality. Every person’s psychology is established from his or her childhood. Children’s personality can be affected by many things in a bad or in a good way. Peer-pressure is one of those things that affects a child’s personality. The bad effects of peer-pressure outweigh the good effects because peer-pressure has many drawbacks such as involving children in vices and making them less self-confident. Firstly, negative peer-pressure leads a child to involve in vices such as smoking, drinking alcohol, using drugs, and stealing. Research by Zeiger (2012) illustrated that children who have companions that drink alcohol, use drugs, and smoke will probably do likewise. Peers always encourage and convince their friends to experience those harmful things in order to enjoy the life. As the proverb mentions “show me your friends, and I will tell who you are” shows that friends are alike each other and influence each others’ behaviors and lives. Children who smoke also …show more content…
Intelligent students help their peers to understand their problems and bring up their grades. Having diligent friends in school allows the child to learn new things and enhance his or her knowledge. Working in groups with their peers teaches a child how to solve problems and apply the learning to an activity. Students are more likely to take in information from their peers and can apply it more easily (Davis, 1993). It is a fact that peer-pressure boosts students academic performance. However, academics are affected negatively from peer-pressure. It is very important to peers motivate each other. If they do not motivate each other, it leads to poor academic performance (Peza, 2015). Students often pick up the same attitude as their friends. If their friends skip classes and no longer care about grades, they also do the same

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