The Negative Effects Of Homelessness Essay

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The Negative Effects of Homelessness in Portland
Majd Baghdadi
Independent Research Writing
Portland State University

Homelessness in Portland is a large issue. People who are homeless are affected in negative ways; crime involvement, which increase homeless arrest rates and affect hospital capacities based on the crime rate that some homeless make, and do crimes to avoid staying on the streets, health problems which affect the homeless by sharing needles for drug use and having sex with casual partners, and difficulties in reintegrating into a new life based on their low income and the economic conditions that make getting jobs for the homeless difficult.

Being on the streets for a long time can affect the homeless who commit crimes. For instance, stealing from stores or having problems with other homeless people or using weapons. Moreover, jobless or houseless can lead to a decrease in how they the value living. For some homeless people there are no instructions to follow for a successful life. “The average criminal history of the homeless had 4 times as many prior arrests for violence than the average history of domiciled arrestees“(Delis 2000). This means that some homeless are more likely to commit crimes than people who have a place to live. In addition, disrespecting the rules or not following them can happen based on irrational of living.

As a result of increasing crime rate hospital capacities have declined. Markowitz (2006) found that…

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