Why Hip Hop Is Ruining Society

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Until I the beginning of my sixth grade year, I never really gave much thought to what I listened to. Never gave any thought about whether or not what people told me was correct. I’d see the news and think that 's all there was to it, whatever my elders told me was what I believed. And this applied to everything. From Music to Politics to History to Science and to Religion. I was taught like most of us, that Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492 and made friends with the natives, that the pilgrims peacefully coexisted with the Wampanoags and the rest of the Native American Tribes. That a fat old man broke into and entered everyone 's houses one night, ate all their food, and placed gifts under a tree, because …show more content…
And they may have a point. After all, according to the Chicago Tribune article from just under 22 years ago, In Milwaukee, two 17-year-old teens were convicted for the assassination of a local policemen. When interrogated, they said they got the idea from a song called “Soulja’s Story” written by none other than the legendary Tupac Shakur. This wasn’t the only incident of crimes that were supposedly influenced by Gangsta Rap Songs. The previous year a State trooper in Texas was shot by a 19 year old, who admitted he was inspired by anti-police rap music. So why am I here, defending such heinous, inimical, vulgar piece of junk that people call music. Because First of all Hip-Hop is non-unique in this aspect. Murders were blamed on AC/DC lyrics, Metallica, Marilyn Manson, and most surprisingly even songs by the Beatles. On a side note I’m not exactly sure how he got the idea from the Beatles. I mean, did he listen to “We all live in a Yellow Submarine” and just thought I should kill People? To be fair though the song was actually “Helter Skelter” and according an article by the University of Virginia, he thought he was the second coming of Christ, and … Suffice to say he was not the most stable of people. But the Beatles directly didn’t say kill people in their song, and John Lennon being who he is I doubt they even would supported the idea. But In Hip-Hop I can’t use that as an argument. NWA a rap group from nineties, has a song called “F--- the Police”, Eminem gets into some gory details in some of his music, and Gangsta Rap was truthfully usually done by, well, Gangsters. The difference lies , therefore, in the circumstances under which such songs were written. What reason does Marilyn Manson have, or any Heavy Metal Artist infact to write such gory satanic lyrics?

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