Argumentative Essay On Paine's Characterization Of American Society

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Argument Essay Paine’s characterization of American society does not hold true today due to the amount of inequality, corruption, and anger that lies within the government and society.
Some patriots still believe that America is honorable and equal because of the wonderful opportunities they have in an advertised free country. It is true that America is a great place to escape discrimination, inequality, and corruption but, only if you are powerful enough or in the top one percent. The top one percent do not see the whole picture, that is the rest of the citizens being treated unjustly and authority acting in favor of themselves.
Inequality is something that America has always struggled with and it still causes America to be a hostile and
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One prevalent example is the American judicial system and how it is repeatedly seen favoring the rich over the middle or poor class. Heir to a wealthy science company, Robert H. Richards IV was convicted of raping his three year old daughter and only received probation without a jail sentence. George England was also convicted of raping a five year old girl but instead of Richards’ lousy slap on the wrist, England received thirty years in prison. Having a just government requires it to be equal and fair to all people who commit the same crimes and regarding these two rapists, the judicial system obviously favors more wealthy men. The fact that one wealthy person is let off with a warning while another ordinary person committing the same crime receives 30 years in prison illustrates the kind of prejudice system that is in place. In a different scenario, Colin Read was charged with domestic abuse for branding his wife with hot iron. Read only received a fine to be paid because the judge claimed that Read was too busy of a working man to complete any community service. On the other side, Christopher P. Thomas received five years in prison after being charged with domestic abuse. Allowing a man with power and wealth to believe that he may do whatever he pleases and only be required to pay money as the consequence is detrimental to the peaceful society that Paine wanted. This kind of exception for wealthy men displays the large amounts of bias within the judicial system. Paine claims that the government is just and fair to everyone but court cases displaying multiple convictions of rape and abuse with widely different sentencings directly opposes the justice system and corrupts the reputation of

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