The Nazi Party

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The Nazi Party, headed by Adolf Hitler, was a well known political party of Germany that controlled the German government from the mid 1930s until the end of World War II when the Allies invaded Germany. However, there are many unanswered questions regarding the Nazi Party such as how it formed, how the Nazi Party gained control of the German Government, and what happened towards the end of and after World War II.

The formation of the Nazi Party occurred as a result of how World War I ended. German propaganda delivered no warning of defeat to the German people which led to feelings of anger and resentment (Florida Center for Instructional Technology). Germany was forced to accept sole responsibility for the war and sign the
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In April 1945, with the Allies advancing and the German troops retreating towards Berlin, Hitler killed himself. According to, some 6 million Jews were killed. On May 7th, Germany signed a document for unconditional surrender (“The Defeat of Hitler” 2010). This was the end of the Nazi rule over Germany. According to, there were 4 million German civilian deaths, 3 million German military deaths, 16 million Russian civilian deaths, and 7 million Russian military deaths. The Allies interrogated and tried many of the former Nazi leaders in a city named Nuremberg which was once a site where Hitler was praised and glorified. Many of the leaders were sentenced to life in prison or death by hanging. The Nuremberg Trials lasted from 1945-1949. The Nazi Party was declared illegal and formally abolished by the Allies shortly after the end of World War II. In total, 54 million people died in the war (“The Defeat of Hitler” 2010). The Nazi concentration/death camps were liberated by the Allies. Around 100,000 Jews had survived the “Final Solution”. The Allies occupied Germany and divided it up into Eastern and Western Germany to prevent another war from occurring in the future. In 1951, many of the criminals were pardoned as international politics were rapidly shifting. When Russia declined as a power in 1980, Germany united back together as one country. They have since been a democratic

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