Essay on The Nature Of The Civilized Man

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The quip that, while man was born free but everywhere is in chains, attempts to trace and explain how the civilized man has evolved from the natural man (Cress and Rousseau). Accordingly, the natural man limitation and greatest asset is his body. The body serves both as an essential tool for surviving the day to day upheavals while also remaining a tool for safeguarding man’s life. Knowing neither good nor evil, the natural man is free from moral restrictions. As such, the natural man is as free as he wishes, constrained only by his ability (Cress and Rousseau).
In contrast, the civilized man is portrayed as a creature fuelled by vanity and selfishness (Cress and Rousseau). As a natural man strives for perfection, he utilizes his ability for improvement to seek a better lifestyle and ends up chaining himself. While the natural man pity for others leads him to interact with society, the civilized man interactions are premised on self-interest. The conflicting nature of various interest creates a society where the dominant interest form a mechanism for resolving conflicts. The rich, therefore, propose a contract to establish political communities to the poor (Cress and Rousseau). While the poor see such political units as a chance to be free, the rich see it as an opportunity to preserve their riches.
As such, while his needs only governed man in nature, civilized man is chained by his self-interest. The political societies create rules that constrain the activities of man.…

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