Essay about The Nature Of Lust And Lust

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You see a stranger across the room and a little tingle washes over your body. Your heart flutters, your face becomes flush, and your mind races with possible things you will say to the breathtaking creature across the room. This is the physical response that has kept the human race going since before the cavemen. It is in our nature to procreate, to further our species and continue to populate the earth. “Be fruitful and multiply” as it has been written. (Genesis 1:28) This physical response is something you cannot control. You can control the actions you take, however, the physical response is one that happens without you telling yourself to. Lust is that physical response.
When it comes to the attraction between two people, the very first primal reaction is lust, not love. Only with time can two people reach the state that is considered love. Lust is a term that is often mistaken for love simply because it is the spark, in some situations, that ignites the kindling that becomes the raging fire of love.
You have been talking with a friend for a few months and you find yourself thinking about them more and more. Thinking about how you can’t wait to see them, how you will take care of them, how you would give up everything for that one person, and how your life would not be whole unless they felt the same way about you. The part of your brain that daydreams about what you will do in the future always includes this person. Your goals and dreams are to encompass the…

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