The Nature Of Beauty And Horror Essay

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It has often observed of Baudelaire’s poem that it reveals an extraordinary fusion of classical permanence and an intimate, Romantic contingent--- believes that every nation and every age possesses and must possess, its own beauty. Baudelaire analyses these various and varying manifestation of Beauty into two separate elements—the eternal and the transitory. It may be argued, he showed no great originality( the idea implicates in Stendhal), but in going a step further and asserting that without the coexistence of both the elements there could be n beauty at all, ‘the ideal’ becomes to him a relative concept. To discuss Baudelaire’s aesthetics of beauty, one of his most important poems is ‘Hymn to Beauty’. In the poem, the poet hold the conflicting idea of good and evil associated with beauty. The poet give his main focus on the relationship between ‘beauty and horror’ as he says, “you walk on corposes, Beauty, undismayed,/and Horror coruscates among your gems;/Murder one of your dearest trinkets, throbs/on your shameless belly; make it dance.” (Baudelaire 13-16). The poet is desperate to experience the thrills associate with beauty which is to him “who cares if you come from Paradise or hell/appalling beauty, artless and monstrous scourge/…O my one queen!/ this hideous universe, this heavy hour?” (Baudelaire 17-18, 23-24).
Baudelaire’s notion of beauty is very different from the classical philosophy about beauty. In Platonism what is beautiful, is true and Good. It…

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