The Natural Sciences And Mathematics Essay

1459 Words Nov 2nd, 2014 null Page
Previously, the common belief relating to knowledge was that it is a defined justified true belief. However in the era of exponential discoveries, knowledge is perceived as something that can be reviewed and revisioned over time. The vast discoveries of our yesterdays, todays, and tomorrows have led humanity to define knowledge,and all we gain from it, as an objective fact, that can be supported or denied by progression. This progression may be, but not limited to: evidence, discoveries, technology, or social trends. Therefor we can ponder upon the knowledge issue, in regard to two areas of knowledge: “How do we know that the natural sciences and mathematics will be justifiable in the future?” The foundations for these areas of knowledge, regarded to be the most solidified and reasonable of all the areas, have stood the test of time; However, not all extensions and theories of math and science are not still justifiable to this day, and more importantly in the future!
To an extent, one could say that the principles of math and science shall always be justifiable in the future based on reasoning. Calculus, the study of change, is arguably the most recognizable and the most difficult of all the maths. Personally, I love math and when giving to the opportunity to take AP Calculus, along with IB Math Methods, it was an offer I could not refuse. However, prior to taking the class I knew nothing about what Calculus actually was. Delving in the study of Calculus, I discovered that…

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