The Natural Life Of Water Essay examples

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Physicist Vandana Shiva said that a river is the life blood in an ecosystem. Our life source is our heart and very much like our heart, water gives us power. In the world of water politics, water is power, meant both literally and figuratively. In fact, water is the basis of many things currently. It is the source of our own nutritional benefit and without it we would perish. It is the substance granting life to many organisms of non-human descent. It is the reason for our rainy days and our snowy winters, our pools on hot summer days and the dew fall on the grass on chilly mornings. Water symbolizes job security for those who are in the privatized market, as well as opportunities for new jobs, and self-determination in the field, as well as those who have it. Our society today abuses our ecosystems’ water worldwide.
Although you’d think that simple grass root or social movements whom invoke the principles of our human rights to sufficient quality of water to sustain life. However, those human rights are systematically actually unresolved because there are equally powerful calls related to a company’s rights of property; privatizing water. Before water was even considered as a commodity of sorts, In Paris, France there is privatization because of the multinational companies that have been there since the late 19th century and now are so ingrained that the president, President Francois Hollande, couldn’t stop it. It wasn’t until a 1992 United Nations conference in Dublin,…

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