The Natural, By Bernard Malamud Essays

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The Natural, authored by Bernard Malamud is an incredible novel that touches the surface on many human emotions such as insecurity, love, and most profoundly pride. Pride and overconfidence are two obstacles the main character Roy Hobbs faces through the entire story. Roy has a dream, though he may be older he feels now it is his time to become the greatest baseball player to have ever existed. Roy has had earlier setbacks and therefore is not allowing anything in his way this time around. He has an attitude in which he not only thinks he is the best, but knows he is the best. Roy Hobbs is a prime example in not only terms of baseball, but with life in general of how pride and a tendency to be overconfident can hinder or even destroy the goals one may wish to accomplish.
Overconfidence, in my opinion is the most noticeable flaw of Roy Hobbs. He is never satisfied with the ordinary lifestyle. In my opinion Roy often feels the need to be the superhero or an almost non-human figure that ranks above everyone else. This flaw is made visible throughout the novel, but there are two major instances that stand out in particular to me, one instance involving baseball and the other involving his personal love life with Memo.
Baseball has always been the main priority on Roy’s mind. He wanted to make it big and to be that successful player he had always dreamed of. However, I believe he became overconfident in his skills too quickly. At the beginning, before Roy was even accepted onto…

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