The Nations Of The World War II Essay

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The nations of the world were divided by two alliances called The Central Powers and The Allied Powers. On the other hand, World War II began in 1939 and last until 1945. Germany was the primary reason for this war, and the alliances of each side fell into place. This war was divided into groups called The Axis and the Allies. World War I was triggered when Francis Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria, was assassinated in June 1914. Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey were called the Central Powers. France, Russian, Italy, Japan, and the United States were called the Allied Powers. There was growing international conflict and there were diplomatic problems that was failed to be resolved. Everyone thought the war was going to be short and painless, but they were very wrong. The war was deadly and violent, and innocent civilians were killed. It was labeled as a total war, in which distinctions between the soldiers on the battlefield and civilians at home were foggy. The government controlled the economic and social life of the civilians in order to provide the war with supplies and weapons. It caused huge government spending and the countries were pushed further into debt. The government had invalidated civil liberties, and many of the citizens had lost their lives or means of support by armies transporting through their towns and cities. World War II was triggered in Germany when Adolf Hitler rose to power to oppose the harsh conditions the Treaty of Versailles left them in.…

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