The National Parks Of Yosemite National Park Essay

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1. Hiking

One of the country’s most cherished national parks, Yosemite continues to maintain its status as the top hiking and camping nature spots for millions of visitors every year. The national treasure’s breathtaking pine green valleys adjacent rocky, rugged stone mountains still remains a groundbreaking statement, even after its 125 year anniversary in 2015. With well over four million visitors experiencing all the breathtaking beauty that Yosemite has to offer, many tourists explore various other portions of the park that are somewhat untouched by the outside world.

In terms of the country’s history, Yosemite is without a doubt known as one of the country’s first national parks, due to a man named John Muir, who a naturalist who spent a summer working as a shepherd in Yosemite in 1869. Also known for the savior of Redwood forests on the west coast, Muir was a pioneer in his time as a environmentally aware man who very much cherished the relationship betweeen humankind and the natural world.

If you thoroughly enjoy exploring the various, unknown peaks of Yosemite, one spot that is an absolute must-see is mountain called “Clouds Rest,” which is an awe-inspiring peak that perfectly rests below the nebulous clouds of the clear blue sky. Although quite steep for the average hiker, this peak is an essential vista point that allows you feel as though you are against thin…

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