The National Clas Standards Essay

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Principle standard one of the National CLAS Standards was met due to enacting shared decision-making, the cultural competence series, communication across differences videos, providing patients with education online material in different languages and a human resource diversity officer to reduce health disparities and promote cultural and linguistic competent care. When patients have the opportunity to actively participate, communicate with their multidisciplinary team and have readily available diverse resources quality outcomes occur and are sustainable. In addition, these processes support patients to comprehend and appreciate the important their health care. Matteliano and Street (2012) states an organization cultural competency is met through a learning process and policies (para.p.816). UTMDACC provides opportunities for employees to develop behaviors, attitudes and beliefs that produce cultural and linguistic positive care. National CLAS Standards two through four are met by senior leadership enacting system wide processes such as with a series of interpersonal communication, patient advocate assigned to each patient upon admission, relationship enhancement (I-CARE) videos a diverse workforce, which consist of Asian 26%, Black 25%, Hipacnic,15% and Whites 33% hired though the leadership, and yearly cultural competence care modules.
These processes establish by leadership and enacted through a diverse workforce assist employees to provide care through…

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