The Nation Of Islam By Ula Taylor Essay

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The Nation Of Islam was organized in on July 4th 1930s by Master W. Fard Muhammad in Detroit, Michigan. “The Official Name of the Nation of Islam is: The Muhammad Mosque and/or The LostFound Members of the Nation of Islam in the West”. The middle-eastern descent founder and self-proclaimed prophet known by his followers as a divine black messiah. Master W. Fard Muhammad appointed Elijah Muhammad to a minister his last messenger. Nation Of Islam will be boxed as an unorthodox version of Islam. Freedom North chapter seven by Ula Taylor states that “although their faith was not anchored in the recitation of Arabic prayers, Islam became an organizing force that produced a community of believers determined to resist the bulwarks of Jim Crow, (Economic repression, politically disenfranchisement, and social ostracism), by building an empowered independent nation within the United Sates (Taylor, 178)”. Fard Muhammad explained that the original people of the planet are black people who ruled Asia. He explained that black people are the original members of the tribe of Shabazz from the lost nation of Asia. Chapter seven continues to explain how Fard Muhammed sees the blackman as the maker, the owner, the cream of the planet earth. The most interesting thing about Fard Muhammad is he “invented a history that disconnected black people in the united States from Africa and Africans [….] build a modern black nation from a glorification of Asiatic blackness and a rejection of sub-Saharan…

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