The Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass Essays

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In the “NARRATIVE OF THE LIFE OF FREDERICK DOUGLASS” by Frederick Douglass, Edward Covey is one of the main nemeses of Douglass. In 1833, Auld rent Douglass to Edward Covey who is a poor man with a reputation for successfully taming problem slaves for one year. Narrator described Covey from an objective tone, which makes Covey seems more evil especially to readers who are Christians.

Douglass described the daily life of Covey in the first paragraph. From Douglass’ words, we can know that Covey is a “cunning” and “hardworking” man. His slaves are always working because he will be looking at them “like a thief in the night”(P95). “ He appeared to us as being ever at hand. He was under every tree, behind every stump, in every bush, and at every window, on the plantation.”(P95) This listing of places shows how crazy Covey is on keeping watch on his slaves. He is always around them. One important point Douglass made is slaves called Covey “The snake”. This metaphor gets extended to a longer one. For example, “When we were at work in the cornfield, he would sometimes crawl on his hands and knees to avoid detection” and “in half an hour afterwards you would see him coiled up in the corner of the wood-fence, watching every motion of the slaves.” (P95) The “crawl” and “coiled” in these two examples are not usually use to describe person but snake. These all build up a vivid image of how Covey acted snaky around the slaves. Covey lied to the slaves to know will they work if he…

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