The Narrative Of Homelessness And Homelessness Essay

1490 Words Jun 3rd, 2016 null Page
(YouTube video)

The image is a snapshot from of a video of a popular YouTuber that is doing a social experiment. He is pretending to be homeless, but instead of asking for money he is giving it away to people. The YouTuber is going against the cultural norm in society where people are expected to give money to the homeless instead he is giving it to people generally wearing suits and look wealthy. The narrative of homelessness that is being presented in this video is that homeless people are just free riders in society and rely on wealthy people to support them. Also another part of the narrative is that wealthy people do not treat homeless people with respect because they view them as unequal to them. This is shown throughout the video because the YouTuber is giving money to people and waiting for a reaction then recording it.
The issue that is expressed is that homelessness is seen as a problem and that it is the individuals fault. In the video when the YouTuber tries to give money to someone the participant stops him and says “I don’t need your money my car is a Mercedes and you gotta earn your way up”. The participant in the video tells him to earn his way up which indicates that all homeless people need to relieve themselves from poverty is get a job and make money. According to Gaetz and O’Grady (2013), people often say that homeless people can simply get a job however the issue with this is that it assumes that there are no differences in terms of privilege and…

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