The Narrative Of A Woman Essay

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The narrative of a woman Throughout history war has been depicted as a man’s war. Rarely are women shown as equals to their male counterparts, or at least capable of defending themselves or their love ones. But the narrative of a weak woman is a false one, far from the truth that is shown in movies. In my opinion Pan’s Labyrinth is an example of how women are often depicted as weak and invisible during times of war. The movie gives the impression that women lack representations and assume their gender roles as being the caretaker. It also uncovers the stereotypical ideologies of women and how they overcome them. The film takes place during the Spanish civil war, it explores three important female characters and their vulnerability, invisibility and the struggle to form an identity for themselves in a male dominate Era. Despite the oppressive and repressive conditions Spanish women suffered throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. There have been articles published showing women fighting alongside their male counterparts. According to (2009)” the role of women in the Spanish Revolution of 1936 was a massive and general”. During the Spanish civil war woman were in the front lines fighting against the rebels who desired to overthrow the standing government, this fact disproves the accepted narrative of a weak women. Women are in fact not invisible during times of war they are just often represented that way because of gender roles and the belief that women aren’t…

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