The Narrative Life Of Frederick Douglass Essay

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In the book “The Narrative Life of Frederick Douglass” the narrator, Frederick Douglass, tells his story of being born into slavery. Douglass uses his narrative as an argument to convince his readers to be against slavery and the brutality in it. The details of Douglass’ life are examples of his argument to persuade his audience of being for the abolition of slavery. He shows the relationships between religion and slavery and education and freedom, one having an effect on the other to improve his argument against slavery. The relationships he proves between the two strengthens his argument, accomplishing his purpose for writing his narrative. Douglass intends his narrative to inform his readers about the truth of slavery and the hardships within it. He uses W.M. Lloyd Garrison’s preface as a summary of the book and gives his purpose of writing the book. The preface reflects the harsh and cruel treatment of slaves and puts the reader at a stand point for being for or against slavery. The actual narrative goes into great detail, revealing information to the readers that they had no knowledge of before strengthening his argument. The purpose of this was to get his audience to read and feel the horrid lives of slaves and all that they endured. This persuades the audience into being against the slavery system and the inhumanity of it. When writing this narrative Douglass intended for it to persuade his readers to be for the abolition of slavery and he accomplishes doing so, by…

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