The Naked Citadel By Susan Faludi Essay

1463 Words Dec 8th, 2016 6 Pages
An identity is a distinguishing characteristic, feature, or belief that makes one individual be different from another. An identity, however, does not arise from fixed features only, some identities arise as a result of conditions under which an individual operates. For these reasons, an identity can be constructed in an individual, a group of individuals or the society as a whole. Education plays a significant role in the construction of identities. In the article, “The Naked Citadel,” Susan Faludi discusses the education system that Cadets at a public military college in Charleston called The Citadel, were subject to so as to transform them into men, in essence, stripping them of their old identities and giving them ones. On the other hand, Jean Twenge’s article, “An Army of One: Me,” highlights the rise of self-identity amongst the modern generation of youths which she calls ‘Generation Me” to allude to the idea of self. She asserts that this identity is fostered by the education that Generation Me is given. However, Cathy Davidson in her article, “Project Makeover,” discusses the changing environment in the education system with the advent of the internet. In her discussion, the education system in place emerges as a determinant of which types of identities the society ends up with amongst the generation of students to whom any of such system apply. Whether consciously or unconsciously formulated, education systems shift human focus on certain identities and fosters…

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