Essay on The Myth Of The Lost Cause

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The Myth of the Lost Cause
After a long lived battle ending in the defeat of the Confederacy on April 9, 1865, many poor and hopeless individuals were left stranded only to remember a superior civilization brought down by greedy and selfish Yankees. The “Lost Cause” was the South’s way of spreading the word and ideas of slavery and the Civil War across the globe. People began to immortalize the ideas of the Lost Cause transforming the lives of both fallen and living soldiers across the Southern States. Organizations such as the United Daughters of the Confederacy Constitution or otherwise known as the UCD and the Sons’ of Confederate Veterans or also known as SCV did many things within cities across the South. Many of these things include: holding meetings and reunion gatherings for Confederate soldiers, created and commemorated statues for high ranking officials such as “the great” Robert E. Lee who was one of the most decorated Generals of the Civil War, gave educational tools to schools and students, and took care of livings servicemen from the Civil War who fought for the Confederacy. Many people had feared that these organizations had many strong political ties within the government, nonetheless; these impacts were never proven. no political changes towards people associated with the Lost Cause and the reconstruction itself, nevertheless; there were still many racial and social status issues, and also a once divided country needed to be a unified nation once again and…

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