Essay on The Myth Of God And Creation Of The Earth

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Today’s world seems to be driven by Science, facts and figures. But scientific knowledge cannot provide all the answers the human beings want to know. This is the reason why the Myth plays a critical role in providing answers to facts and phenomenon humankind cannot understand.

For instance, we are still debating about the existence of God and creation of the Earth while Scientists built overtime a deep understanding of the evolution of the Earth. Both Myth and Science live together.

What is a myth? It’s a story that explains some legends or natural phenomenon or else like, for example, the Creation of the Earth and Human Being. The cosmogonies are mythic or scientific theories that explain the universe creation. Each mythology has their creation. For the Greeks, it was chaos, the abyss and has arrived the night and day with the creation of a mountain, the Mount Olympus. For the Egyptians, Ra created the world after seeing his face. For the Celts, God created the universe by releasing from the water a snake who would have fertilize a cosmic egg.

The Myths were created for the reassurance, the explanation of our origins and almost all populations’ belief (religious or mythical) of a higher power with a process still in stages. For example, in the genesis in the beginning there was nothing and then seven steps the world was created by God. The notion of paradise, to dream, hell, rights and duties as well as sanctions were created. This process can be compared with any…

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