The Mystery Of Vampire Family Essay

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He was so quiet, so still I thought of him as dead. The only indication that he was still alive was the shallow movement of his chest, going up and down, up and down as he laid on the small bed in our family room. He looked about my age, he had dirty blond hair that was slightly spiked at the tips. His right eye was covered with a towel, Mother told me he was attacked by a wild animal. But I knew the truth, it wasn’t hard to hide from me. My Grandmother and Grandfather made friends with the Blane Family. Now, there wouldn’t be anything wrong with being friends…except they are Elves and we are Vampires. DayWalkers to be exact.
Each Vampire family has different traits about them: for example the Moonlighters receive their full strength once the moon has risen. The SunStars only come out of their homes in the season of summer. The DayWalkers, my family, are able to walk around in the day. Remember that myth everyone believed that Vampires can only walk out at night? That applies to mostly everyone except a few families, one of those families being mine.
Anyways, the Blane Family were a very odd Elf family from what I read from my mother’s mind (another wonderful trait). They kept to themselves most of the time unless urgent and…they didn’t really have much of a past. The family was made up of three people: The mother, Nadia and Madan, the father along with their son. She didn’t know his name. But apparently, my Grandmother and Grandfather became friends with…

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