Essay The Mystery Of The Man Station At The World Of Crime

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This course has demonstrated how we can incorporate a literary detective’s sometimes unorthodox methods of deduction to solve the confounded mysteries in our own lives. These fictional tales of reasoning can be applied outside the world of crime because the methodology is sound enough to put to use in everyday situations. Upon reflection, I came to find that I utilized many techniques prescribed by the detectives in this course while researching a high school project. I was given the task of uncovering the history of a local landmark long forgotten, a train station. Despite this landmark’s rich history many people were unaware of its significance. My job was to do extensive research on the station and record its story. This way residents would have a better understanding of the importance of the train station to their town. My methodology mirrors that of a detective in that I analyzed the facts I was initially presented with and then built on that to put together a cohesive history and come to a sound conclusion.
Much of a detective’s initial work is based on bringing to light the information they already have. As an investigator, I spent a lot of time examining the research that had been recorded prior to my arrival. This allowed for a better understanding of what we were looking for. By going over old records, I revealed historical information and identified holes in past research. Moreover, I developed questions that needed to be asked. In addition to the…

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