The Mystery Of Jack The Ripper Essay

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There is always a secret, no one should ever know, but if a person digs hard enough they will find it. Rather it is a baby farmer who is rumored to have killed over 400 children, a man who decided to control women and bending them to his own sadistic desires, or a woman who rapes, mutilates, and kills girls with her husband. Not all the skeletons in Britain’s closet are as well known as Jack the Ripper but they are just as cruel and unusual serial killers, such as Amelia Dryer and the couple Fred and Rose West .
Amelia Dyer never had an easy life, her mother was a raving lunatic and once her mother died she lived with her aunt. During the times she lived as her aunt 's charge, Amelia trained as a corset maker. In 1861 Amelia moved into lodging where she met her future husband George Thomas (Lesley). Dyer then continued on to train as a midwife before she settled as a baby farmer(Amelia Dyer ‘The Reading Baby Farmer’). Amelia Dryer opened the baby farm in the late 1860s, and took in the unmarried woman once they could no longer hide their pregnancies(Amelia Dyer: the woman who murdered 300 babies). In the victorian era, the operation of a baby farm was a booming business. Many women would come with their babies because the fathers of their children were well established and did not have to pay child support. The point of taking the child to a baby farmer was to insure the babies are well taken care of, but in Amelia Dryer’s case, she would mistreat or even kill the babies…

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